Urban Pictionary answers and cheats for all levels of the slang dictionary word game for iOS and Android, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Urban Pictionary – Slang Dictionary Word game by MobileX Labs is a puzzle guessing game that will test your knowledge of slang words, terms, and expressions. If you get stuck on a level and need help, you can check back here for all of the Urban Pic answers and cheats you will need!

urban pictionary

Urban Pictionary Levels:

Urban Pictionary is a puzzle game that can also be considered trivia. In the game, you are presented with an image and you must try and guess the encrypted slang term using the combination of images as a clue to what the slang term may be. It can be a simple word or even a tricky urban slang expression. The images can come from a variety of categories including animals, actions, sports, weather, holidays. The two images act as clues to what the slang word is. The player is also given a letter bank and open spaces that need to be filled in underneath the image. If you correctly guess the slang term, you will move on to the next level! Here you will find all the Urban Pictionary answers and cheats!

To begin the game, you have the option of signing in through your Facebook account. This will allow you to ask your friends for help when you are stuck on a level and you will receive 25 coins if you decide to link to your Facebook! Whether you choose to sign in through Facebook or just begin playing, you will always start with 145 coins. When you guess the correct answer to one of the images and advance to the next level, you will receive 10 coins. These coins will come in handy when you are stuck on a level and need to purchase a hint.

The game offers three hints and all cost different amounts. The first hint can be purchased for 25 coins and it removes incorrect letters from the bank. For 75 coins you can purchase the hint that reveals a correct letter from the word bank. For 200 coins you are able to skip a level. The game also allows you to use Facebook or Twitter to ask friends for help. If you run out of coins you will not be able to use hints. But fear not! When you find yourself stuck on a level come back here for all of the Urban Pictionary answers, cheats, and guides.

Urban Pictionary Answers has all of the levels that have been released and will continue to add more when the game releases updates. With so many levels and so many slang terms, you may very well get stumped on one of these puzzles. If this happens, come back here for all of the Urban Pictionary Answers and Cheats you may need!